WSSD Mission Statement

To awaken each student’s capacity for love of learning, for independent thinking, and for heartfelt service to the world.


Guiding Principles 

  • We are guided by our understanding of human development, as elaborated by Rudolf Steiner, as the foundation of our work. The pace, priorities, and practices of our full curriculum, Early Childhood through High School, grow out of this foundation.                                                                   
  • We strive to have our student population inclusive of the diversity within the greater San Diego community.  
  • We strive to welcome a community of students, parents, and teachers committed to the principles of social       inclusiveness and environmental stewardship.
  • We support and guide every student toward higher learning through curriculum that integrates science, mathematics, humanities and arts. 
Every education is self-education and as teachers we can only provide the environment for children's self-education.  Rudolf Steiner, The Child's Changing Consciousness