At the Waldorf School of San Diego, we believe that process (how we work and learn together) is as important as content (what we learn) in the life of a school community.


Because our organization is not hierarchical, governance especially depends on healthy interpersonal and intergroup relationships. In order to promote healthy relationships, it is important to understand, collectively, our mission, vision, values and goals as a school community.


We intentionally embrace shared, collaborative governance not only because it is effective, but also because it helps people and communities to grow. We invite every member of our school community to join the conversation by reflecting on this document, offering any ideas, comments, or other responses that you wish to offer, and then engaging in the many avenues for volunteering (parent association, committees, subcommittees, and the like) that we have mapped out, together.


Three governing entities assume distinct governance responsibilities and strive for consensus on major policies decisions. This system of shared governance supports the development of a strong, healthy community from which students learn and grow.


The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of the Administrator, Board President and a Pedagogical representative and concerns itself with the day-to-day decision making needs of the school that require timely input from all spheres.  Leadership Council is also responsible for monitoring progress of the Strategic Plan work delegated to the various spheres of the school.  Overall, the Leadership Council will work to continually improve school-wide governance.

The Pedagogical Group

The Pedagogical Group (PG) is comprised of volunteer faculty members and concerns itself with pedagogical research and study as well as assuming responsibility for the pedagogical well-being of the school. They meet on a regular basis to ensure they are providing guidance to the faculty as a whole. 

Lynn Ross

PG Chair

Sara Gomes


Nathan Wilcox


Bonnie Holden


Veronica Connaughton

Time Keeper

Christy Klincewicz


Mary Carmichael


Chelaine Kokos


Rachel Davis


Johanna Laurelin


Katherine Giglio


Amanda Womble


Board of Trustees

Within the collaborative leadership model, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the legal and financial health of the school. This means that the Board is striving to be a visionary, forward-thinking leadership body, tasked with the ongoing work of creating a Strategic Plan, cultivating a culture of openness in our community, and deepening their collective understanding of Waldorf schools and pedagogy and of Board best practices.

Meet the Board

Patrick Goddard


Patrick is Allison’s husband and father to two boys that attend WSSD. He considers himself to be a life-long learner, having spent the first part of his career as an entrepreneur in start-up companies, and later obtaining his teaching credential. Patrick has taught at a public high school since 2010.


He served on the Finance Committee prior to joining the Circle of Trustees and has been actively involved in the school community since joining it in 2012.

Dominick Arena


Dominick has a daughter, Catherine that teaches at WSSD and has one granddaughter that recently graduated from the Waldorf High School and currently has another granddaughter attending the Waldorf High School. He is an Executive Adviser at Water Street Healthcare Partners. Dominick also serves on the boards of Trudell Medical Limited and ZALEA, LLC.  


Dominick received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from LeMoyne College before serving his country in both the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Eric Mitchell


Eric Mitchell graduated with a degree in Political Science from Humboldt State University. He went on to work in public policy, advocacy, and government relations with the California State Board of Trustees, California Teachers Association, and elected officials for several years.


Eric transitioned to web development and has been working in that field for nearly twenty years. He currently serves as the web development manager for LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank.


He has sent two daughters through WSSD.

Brandon Iselin-Bradley


Brandon and his family have been a part of the WSSD community for over 16 years. His daughters, Lauren and Jenny both started in the early childhood program and spent many wonderful years with WSSD. His wife, Kris Iselin-Bradley was the school’s administrator from 2007 - 2010.


Brandon has been a volunteer on several committees over the years such as the V.I.P., T.A., and Finance Committees and has been a member of our Board of Trustees for 5 years. He’s worked as an independent insurance professional for over 22 years with a focus on life and health insurance.

Kate Vance


Bio coming soon...

Rachel Davis


Rachel and her wife Jessika brought their daughter to WSSD in 2012 after departing from their Waldorf Community in Tucson, AZ.  When WSSD was in search of a new Administrator in 2016, Rachel very effectively stepped in on an interim basis. After months of working with WSSD's Administrative Team, she made the decision to retire from 20 years with GEICO insurance where she served as a Manager and Director in various departments, to join WSSD.  


She brings with her a long history of successful business management and strong team building skills. Rachel holds a BA from the University of Arizona, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Mary Carmichael 


Ms Carmichael has a Bachelor of Arts in Community Health Education from California State University, Chico. She attended the New England Waldorf Teacher Training Institute and completed her studies at Rudolf Steiner College.


She has a strong commitment to her study of and work in Anthroposophical medicine.


Ms Carmichael joined WSSD in 1996..