Waldorf education is the fastest growing private school movement in the world…93% of Waldorf High School graduates attend four-year college. — Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Guiding Principles

Our purpose is to awaken each student’s capacity for love of learning, for independent thinking and for heartfelt service to the world.

An understanding of human development, as elaborated by Rudolf Steiner, is the foundation of our work. The pace, priorities and practices of our full curriculum, from early childhood through high school, grow out of this foundation.

• We are a community of students, parents and teachers committed to the principles of social inclusion and environmental stewardship.

• We strive to have our student population reflect the cultural diversity of the greater San Diego community.

• San Diego is a border city on the Pacific Rim with vibrant cultural diversity. Our curriculum will move our students beyond the classroom and involve them in the global community.

• We strive to build a caring community of adults and adolescents who recognize and respect each other during the transformative and challenging teen years.

High School Profile 2017 – 2018

Why Waldorf?

The goal of the high school is to support developing adolescents in achieving their full humanity intellectually, artistically, emotionally and socially. A phenomenological approach encourages careful observation and independent thinking in course work. We want our students to know what they think, not what they are supposed to think. Using a broad, art-imbued, curriculum, we strive to inspire our students to become responsible, compassionate, self-confident adults.

All students engage deeply in the arts, science, math and the humanities. We believe students should emerge from their high school years ready to thrive in diverse settings and subjects. To this end, all our students perform music and study physics. They perform on stage and during math tests. We teach them about thermodynamics while they are learning how to blacksmith. Our approach invites all students to learn and enjoy, without segregating based solely on aptitude.

All our subjects, including the four sciences, are taught every year. Individual students discover their passions at different times. The ninth grader who struggles with chemistry or math may very well become a dancer and a chemist in eleventh grade. We give students the chance to re-engage in all their subjects each year, deepening their skills and connection to the material along the way.

We view homework as a tool, not a way of life. It is our goal for students to have no more than 1-2 hours of homework a night. Our homework is designed for students to practice the skills they have gained in class, not to learn new material on their own.

We are fully accredited, with a proven track record. We are both WASC and AWSNA certified. Colleges around the country specifically recruit Waldorf graduates because they know our students will succeed on their campuses. Ninety-four percent of Waldorf high school graduates attend college. Even more impressively, 88% of Waldorf graduates finish college. However, our school does not focus solely on college preparedness and acceptance. We strive to create dynamic learning environments where students are healthy, challenged and engaged.

We offer small classes with teachers who know their subject and your student. Class sizes vary from 10-20 students, and their teachers are experts in their fields. Take a moment to read the bios of our impressive staff under the Faculty section.

We place a high value on student learning that occurs outside the classroom. Field trips, performances and special events may vary from year to year.

Currently the yearly curricular field trips for the grades are the Ninth Grade Blacksmithing Trip, the Tenth Grade Sustainable Agriculture Trip, the Eleventh Grade Latin American Service Trip and the Twelfth Grade Architecture Trip.

Each year the tenth and twelfth grade plays are special highlights of the year and enjoyed by all.

The Welcome Back Evening for Parents, Students, and Faculty, the Winter Concert, High School Cabaret, Eurythmy Concert, High School Arts Festival, and Spring Concert are events in which all students will attend and participate.

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Learn More

Please contact our Director of Admissions, Julie Joinson at admissions@waldorfsandiego.org  with any questions you may have about our school, our philosophy or our practices.

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