Annual Giving Fund

What is the Annual Giving Fund?

The Annual Giving Fund is a yearly appeal to our community – parents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff, and friends – to raise funds that bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the school’s operating expenses.


What are the major components of the school’s annual operating budget?

Faculty salaries and benefits comprise 76% of WSSD’s operating budget. The balance supports curricular and co-curricular programs, financial aid, equipment, utilities, insurance and the like.


Doesn’t tuition cover all operating expenses?

Tuition covers only about 82% of our annual expenses. The remainder must be funded through other sources; in most independent schools, this comes through an Annual Giving effort.


Why not raise tuition?

A school that charged the full cost of educating its students would price itself out of the market; hence nearly all independent schools have Annual Giving funds. Keeping tuition increases as modest as possible also helps to make a Waldorf education affordable to as many qualified students as possible.


What makes WSSD an independent school?

The school is a nonprofit organization that operates without financial support from federal or state governments. It designs its own program and curriculum and is accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The school relies solely on tuition revenue, philanthropic gifts, and other fundraising efforts to meet its operating expenses.

How important is the Annual Giving?

Without a robust Annual Giving Fund, the school would not be in a position to offer the range of programs that the community has come to expect as part of the exceptional Waldorf experience we provide.


Why is 100% participation important?

The school’s financial strength depends upon the participation of the entire community. Parent participation levels are also viewed as a barometer
of support and are carefully viewed by foundations and outside funders considering grants or gifts to the school.


How much should we give?

Won’t you consider making our children’s education, and their school your top philanthropic priority? Please be as generous as you can be… and THANK YOU!


What does the Annual Giving Fund support?

Everything! It pays for the books in the library, the salary of your favorite teacher, the paintbrushes for art class, the Petri dishes for chemistry, soccer balls, Eurythmy slippers, financial aid, building repairs and much, much more.



In addition to making a one-time donation, there are other ways to structure your contribution, such as monthly recurring gifts.

Gifts of stock or other securities benefit WSSD and may provide additional tax advantages to donors. Contact the school for specific transfer instructions.

Many employers offer matching gift programs that may double or even triple your Annual Fund contribution. Contact your employer’s Human Resources department to determine matching gift availability and program terms.


Contact Liza Ferraro, Annual Giving Coordinator, at, or 619-280-8016 Ext. 201


To make a contribution to the Annual Fund, please send your check to:


The Waldorf School of San Diego

Attn: Director of Development

3547 Altadena Avenue

San Diego, CA 92105

 Thank you for your support and generosity!

The Waldorf School of San Diego is a non-profit based in San Diego and

organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and as such all donations are tax-deductible. 

Our Tax Identification Number is 95-364-1387.