Scrip is gift cards you purchase from the school store or online. Scrip purchases not only help support our school, they can also save you money. For the convenience of parents of our high school students, you can order scrip online and have it delivered to your student by our Scrip Doctor, Liza Ferraro. LOOK AT ORANGE COUNTY

How to order:


1. Go to and click "Register."

2. Click "Join a Scrip Program" and enter the enrollment code 5C2486559L82 to link to your account to our school. Continue to follow the prompts to set up your account.

 3. Set up your PrestoPay so you can reload your hard physical cards and purchase ScripNow on-the-fly (all virtual scrip is paid for using PrestoPay).


If you have family and friend that also want to register, please give them steps 1-3. Make sure to email their names so we can link them to you. All their rebate earnings will go directly to you! 


For easy access to your virtual scrip, go to from the browser on your device. Same username and password will apply. 


Each 12-month scrip session starts August 1 and ends the following year on July 31st. Don't wait for school to start before you buy scrip- buy it all summer long too!

ENROLLMENT INFORMATION:  The Waldorf School of San Diego // Enrollment Code: 5C2486559L82




Contact the our Scrip Doctor, Liza Ferraro, at (619) 318-8460 or