Grades 1-8

To face the future in our rapidly changing world with confidence, our children need to develop emotional stability, intellectual flexibility, and moral values along with academic skills. Waldorf Schools work effectively to develop such qualities.


In 1919, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, scientist, and educator, founded the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, with locations throughout the entire world, Waldorf education is the fastest growing independent, non-denominational school system in the world.


Fundamental to Waldorf education is the insight that children learn differently at different stages of development. This means that the curriculum of each grade is carefully chosen to work in harmony with the phases of the child’s inner development.



At The Waldorf School of San Diego, we believe that a child’s development must be gently and lovingly guided to help him or her attain full potential in life. The arts serve as a cornerstone of our curriculum. They are woven throughout, in both traditional and unconventional ways. We offer art to every student through stand-alone course work and as an integrated element of our academic work.



In the first eight grades of school, children encounter the main branches of human knowledge. During that time, they also form their sense of self and their attitude toward others and the world around them. In short, they lay the foundation for their future striving and development. It is the aim of Waldorf education to make their foundation resilient and broad.


The children participate in choral and instrumental music, express themselves through drama and a variety of other artistic media, practice hands-on skills such as knitting, gardening, and woodworking, and enjoy physical education in addition to solid academic subjects such as english, history, geography, mathematics, and the sciences.


Starting in first grade the students learn two world languages which lays the foundation for and cultivates compassion.  Learning other languages builds pathways to global fraternity and is the cornerstone for creating world peace.  From first grade onward the children develop and sharpen their perceptive abilities, their capacity for thinking becomes more flexible. By grade eight the students have cultivated an interest in humankind and have developed the ability to relate to many varied cultures and peoples



Each day begins with a two-hour period devoted to a single academic subject when the children’s concentration is at its peak. One topic is studied for three or four weeks and then a new topic is begun. This method allows the teacher to cover a subject in-depth, using a variety of approaches.



The best way to make an informed decision about whether or not your child should attend The Waldorf School of San Diego would be to attend a guided tour called “A Day at the Waldorf School” held once a month during peak enrollment times. This adult-only tour gives a complete overview of all programs from Nursery through High School, including an opportunity to observe the teachers in action with their students. Please call us at (619) 280-8016 to learn more.