High School Curriculum

WSSD’s high scholastic discipline is balanced by the ongoing integration of the fine, performing, and practical arts. Students study the sciences and unique academic subjects, such as The Holy Books, Projective Geometry, and The History of Architecture, in three- or four-week blocks during the 110-minute seminar period each day throughout the year. More traditionally oriented 45-minute subject classes in English, History, Math, Spanish, Art, Music, and Movement follow the seminar period.


The curriculum engages students in a comprehensive study of a variety of disciplines, including academics, drama, arts and crafts, music and movement. The four years of high school together form an integrated whole, and the curriculum of each grade is tailored to address key stages in adolescent development. The content of the courses offered each year focuses on giving students an increasingly in-depth understanding of the subject at hand and providing them with a context to work with the awakening questions of the emerging self.

Every graduate of WSSD will have gained academic self-confidence and a solid academic foundation in science, mathematics, history, english and a foreign language. They will have gained a sense of contemporary social issues as well as a basic understanding of how they have come into being.  Ideally, each student will have had these issues take root in her soul so that she has a sense of social responsibility. They will have experienced and developed a respect for the ideas, values, history and priorities that exist in different cultures. They will also have heightened their sense of reverence after exploring the questions that lie at the essence of human experience – life, death, friendship, spirituality and vocation. 

College Counseling

Waldorf students attend a diverse mix of colleges and universities across the nation and world, while others participate in volunteer and work opportunities through life-enriching gap years. Our college counseling supports students and their parents in exploring post-high school options, with an emphasis on finding a student’s best fit in college, the workplace, and the world. Our graduates become global citizens, engaged in the fields of academia, business, technology, public service, and the arts.  


We help students reflect, assess goals, and explore “colleges that fit." We also help families understand the financial aid process and current college admission climate. About 20 college admission representatives visit the school each year to meet with interested juniors and seniors. 


High School Chair Nathan Wilcox oversees our College Counseling Program at The Waldorf School of San Diego, and students also have access to Allison Henderson, an independent college counselor. 


Both assist in guiding students through the college application process which includes essay writing, resume building, requests for letters of recommendation, preparation for standardized tests, and completion of applications. 


In the second semester of junior year, students meet one-on-one with the college counselor and this collaboration continues through the first semester of senior year.  Families of Juniors and Seniors are able to attend an evening program focused on the application process, standardized testing, financial aid, and gap year options, and meet individually with the counselor to maintain supportive communication centered on each student’s goals. Families also encouraged to seek outside counseling for more in-depth support for their student’s college needs.


Maria Morales and Lori Williamson provide registrar support, insuring that colleges have all the information they need regarding our students each step of the way. 


Parents are welcome to seek outside and individualized college counseling, as well as SAT/ACT tutoring, as a supplement to these supports.  WSSD is happy to make referrals to such services.

Allison Henderson

College Admissions Consultant

Experienced Independent Educational Consultant with a demonstrated history of counseling on the range of post-secondary pathways available to high schoolers and/or adult learners. Skilled in Admissions Counseling, Teen Services, Social Media, Essay Editing, and Public Speaking. Strong education professional, graduated with a B.S & M.S from the University of California at Davis. Holds a certificate in College Counseling from University of California, San Diego.