Our kindergarten class welcomes children 4 years to 6 years of age, and is guided by a lead teacher with an assistant. Classes are held Monday-Friday from 8:15am to 1:00pm with an option to extend the morning through nap until 3:00pm. Extended care is available from 3:00 – 5:30pm for working parents.


Kindergarten classrooms are harmonious, homelike environments that are beautiful, warm and nurturing. In these environments, imagination and creativity flourish with children participating in meaningful tasks that develop coordination and cooperative social skills, while unfolding creative and imaginative capacities that build a strong foundation for later academics.


The children’s morning naturally flows between social and individual activities that reflect the children’s need for both active and quiet play, including:



Through oral storytelling, the children create their own inner pictures. They also strengthen their listening skill, memory skills and vocabulary. In the kindergarten, fairy tales and seasonal nature stories are told.  Fairy tales bring to life human qualities, such as courage, kindness, honesty, etc., while nature stories enhance the children’s experience of the seasons and festivals of the year.



In circle, the children imitate the gestures and movements of the teacher. Spatial awareness is enhanced through larger movements in the three planes: up and down, front and back, and side to side. Through movement and singing of traditional songs and the recitation of rhythmical verses, the forces of expansion and contraction are worked with from the fine motor to the gross motor. The theme of the circle reflects the season of the year. For instance, in the fall the circle might be about St. Michael and the dragon, playing in the fallen leaves and pumpkins, in winter it might be about walking through the snow and cutting wood, in the spring, caterpillars transforming into butterflies.



The school has a trained Eurythmy teacher who visits each class once a week at circle time and leads the children in a Eurythmy circle in place of the kindergarten teacher’s circle. The Eurythmy circle is a magical time consisting of movement, gesture, song, verse and story.



The teacher encourages healthy, creative play by providing simple and all natural material such as silks, cloths, play stands, stones, logs, shells, simple dolls, capes, wooden figures, puppets, and the like.

Creative free play allows the children time for self-directed exploration and discovery. Through the building up, transforming and rearranging of the indoor environment, the children create, interact and grow stronger and more adept physically, emotionally and cognitively.


Free play helps the children develop their sense of touch as they experience themselves in relationships to the rest of the world. The children come to know the world interactively, through doing and experiencing.



Artistic work in the kindergarten is an experience that guides young children toward abilities that can be transformed throughout life, for example, watercolor painting, sewing, finger-knitting, beeswax modeling, coloring, drawing and seasonal craft activities. These activities help to develop coordination and the ability to concentrate.



During outdoor time, children run, climb, dig in the sand, push wheelbarrows, garden, sweep, jump rope, swing, slide, look for bugs, balance on beams and tree stumps and engage in imaginative play. Outdoor play also provides the children the opportunity to appreciate and interact with nature.



We provide a warm, organic snack each day, which the children help to prepare.