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Autumn is now upon us and the days will start to shorten more noticeably. In the fall, cultures around the world have celebrations and stories focusing on "light" in its many forms. As the early mornings and evenings darken, candles are a wonderful way to bring more light and warmth into our daily rituals and activities. In the S&L, we are offering a sale for 20% off of all Beeswax Candles through Friday October 4th. 


Did you know?... Beeswax is the least processed and purest of all candle waxes. It is naturally aromatic with the sweet scent of honey. Pure beeswax burns clean and soot free, releasing negative ions that improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and allergens. The high burning temperature of beeswax translates into exceptionally long burning candles. They glow with a warm, golden flame that radiates with the same spectrum of light as the sun. 


Product Feature:

Fairy Tales Hair Care - 20% off October 7th - 18th. We carry the Rosemary Repel™ line of natural hair care products proven to help prevent head lice using organic herbs of rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, lavender and geranium oils. These products are also dairy, gluten and nut-free. We carry the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Creme Conditioner and Conditioning Spray. All of these products are intended for preventative use - and are also helpful after an outbreak occurs. And, they are wonderfully conditioning hair products for everyday use. Many families use these products year round! If your child should get lice, we recommend using the "Rosemary Repel Lice Care Kit" to treat and remove the lice. We also carry the specialized nit comb that is extremely effective in removing lice from the hair shaft.


Upcoming Sales:

Halloween is just around the corner! In the Snake and Lily we carry several lines of "dress up" clothing that have much use beyond Halloween. Sarah's Silks is a family owned company based in California that responsibly sources its silk from China (where silk originated!). They make beautiful capes, fairy dresses and skirts, playsilks (use your imagination!), crowns, soft swords and more. Fairy Finery is based in Minnesota and make their studio line of dress up clothes in the USA. They have been making beautiful heirloom quality dress up clothes since 1977. Our newest line is by Forget Me Nots - handmade capes and flower crowns (and flower rings) that come from a Waldorf parent in Fallbrook. She is a Waldorf graduate and her mother was a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher. Her goal is to create beautiful quality dress up clothes that celebrate childhood. 

All of the products created by these companies will be 20% off from October 14th through the 25th.


Please check our chalkboard outside of the S&L, as well as our Instagram (WSSDSnakeLilyStore) and Facebook page (WSSDSnakeandLily) for additional sales and specials.


Volunteers wanted...

Are you looking to fulfill some of your volunteer hours for WSSD? We can use some assistance sporadically throughout the year. Some of these opportunities include separating, weighing and bagging wool that we buy in bulk; "wetting" and shaping the bolga baskets when we receive shipments and assisting with inventory (over breaks after the winter holidays). The wool and baskets can even be taken home to do, or we can set you up here at school to help. If you are interested or have any questions, please see Deborah in the S&L. We would love to have your help!


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We will be sending out a survey in the next couple of days. We really want your feedback and thoughts about how we are doing and how we can do even better! Even if you haven't visited the store, we respectfully ask you to take a few minutes to complete it. The Snake and Lily exists to serve our community and we value your thoughts!


We thank you for your business!

The Snake and Lily team... Deborah and Candy