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WSSD uses a proven technique based on insight into brain and physical development, kinesthetic learning and emotional intelligence. Responds to the inquisitive and inquiring needs of the child at each stage of development. Prepares children for the ever-changing world. Committed to academic excellence in order to foster the capabilities of thinking, feeling and willing.

News and Events

High School Surf Club has begun! 

This new format will set the foundation for years to come, all levels and abilities are welcome and encouraged in our “Club”...

It’s for:

Novice to experts

Coaching and instruction


Wave knowledge

And so much more…

Be ready to have some fun!

This month will be somewhat of a soft launch while we ready ourselves for October and forward into our winter surfing season.

We will be surfing at South Mission Beach, immediately after school every other Thursday beginning Sept 13 and every other Friday beginning Sept 21. (dates have been added to the WSSD public calendar)


For all interested students, please email Adrienne (

Last Wednesday was the first day for WSSD students and as always, we began the year with our Rose Ceremony. 

This ceremony accentuates the special significance of these years for first and seniors. Pairing young incoming students with their responsible twelfth-grade buddies is a milestone for both young people in the pairing. The young children are entering a new phase in life — where schooling and community, away from parents, will support their budding sense of self, learning, and individuality. The older children are entering into young adulthood and are ready to be leaders and guides in their own lives and in their community.

This reverent event is a reflection of the beauty, kindness, and care given to all students, each year, at WSSD.