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Opening hearts for life-long learning

WSSD uses a proven technique based on insight into brain and physical development, kinesthetic learning and emotional intelligence. Responds to the inquisitive and inquiring needs of the child at each stage of development. Prepares children for the ever-changing world. Committed to academic excellence in order to foster the capabilities of thinking, feeling and willing.

The Waldorf School of San Diego Early Childhood
The Waldorf School of San Diego lower school children with lanterns
The Waldorf School of San Diego Lower School
The Waldorf School of San Diego children drawing
The Waldorf School of San Diego High School
The Waldorf School of San Diego High School Costa Rica Trip

News and Events

We are proud of our graduates and invite you to join us for an afternoon of conversation with our alumni.


Join us as they tell their stories and answer your questions at

1:20 pm on Tuesday December 17.


Questions such as:

How do Waldorf students transition to high school?

Are they academically prepared?

Can they navigate the larger world?

What unique skills did their Waldorf Education provide?

If given a choice, would they go to WSSD again?


This popular event is always an informative and inspiring way to hear about the results of Waldorf Education, as shared honestly by WSSD graduates. The panel members will reflect on, and answer questions from you about, their experience as WSSD students, and what those experiences have meant to them in their years since graduating. We hope at least one parent from each family will attend this highly informative event.


These unique plays are part of a trilogy of three ethnic German plays that originated in the middle ages. Since the plays were collected and passed to Rudolf Steiner and others, they have become part of the rhythmic schedule of festivals and celebrations, often being performed as The Christmas Plays. The Paradise Play (appropriate only for Grades 3 and up) presents the story of the creation of Adam and Eve and the expulsion from Paradise; The Shepherd’s Play tells the Christmas story through the hearts of simple shepherds.  



The plays are about the renewal of light in the depth of winter, the light of the world, and the spiritual light within.



These plays have been presented as a gift to the community.

Waldorf 100

On September 19, we celebrated 100 years of Waldorf Education!

Check out the newest Waldorf 100 film featuring reflections from Waldorf alums and Waldorf parents!