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The Enrollment Process

Step One – Attend A Tour during the School Year! 

Enrollment begins in January of each year for the following September, and attendance at one of our scheduled tour events is mandatory prior to enrollment.  “A Day at The Waldorf School” is a comprehensive tour through all of our programs: Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary Grades 1-8, and High School.  It is highly recommended to attend all tour segments so that you can clearly see how programs progress through the years, fully supporting the developing child.  Tours are strictly adults only, R.S.V.P. is required and a light breakfast is served.  You will be required to drive yourself  between our two campuses, about 1 mile apart. Attending this tour is mandatory prior to enrollment.  This tour event begins promptly at 7:45am and latecomers cannot join tours already in progress. 

7:45am: Registration & Refreshments
Sign in, get your name tag and enjoy a light breakfast, then we begin promptly at 8am.....

8:00am – 8:45am: Nursery & Kindergarten
The first segment of our tour begins with one of our soft spoken teachers walking you through the gentle rhythms of a day in the play-based nursery and kindergarten programs.  Due to the tender age of the children in the early childhood program, we will visit their class while they are out on the kindergarten yard and then take a quick peek at their outdoor play.  Quiet observance is our goal, and we will answer all your questions at the conclusion of this segment.

8:50am – 9:45am: Elementary Grades 1-8
The next segment of the tour continues with a visit to several grades’ classrooms for a glimpse into the elementary curriculum.  We may see the younger students doing math work using jump rope or bean bags, a class playing their flutes or a guest teacher using stained glass to illustrate Euclidian geometry.  Time is reserved between classes for an overview of the elementary grades curriculum and to answer your questions.  We will also touch on topics such as media, homework, and discipline. 

9:50am – 10:20am: Specialty Subjects 
This segment of the tour will allow us to experience one of the several specialty subjects.  You will learn how directing a child’s will(power) can be done most effectively by putting their hands to good work. 

10:25am – 11:30amHigh School
After driving to our Colina Campus, the final segment of our tour brings us into the upper grades where we will be joined by a member of our high school faculty.  We will visit the classrooms to see more about the upper grades approach to science and technology, the humanities, the arts, language and cultural studies, and athletics and outdoor adventure.  See how Waldorf education truly supports the adolescent, fostering a strong moral compass, a sense of civic responsibility and a lifelong love of learning.   

In consideration of others it is VITAL to arrive on time, and latecomers cannot join tours already in progress. Tour dates, times and format are subject to change without notice so please be sure to RSVP here.




Tour Dates for the 2014-15 School Year!


January 14, 2015

February 25, 2015

March 11, 2015

April 22, 2015

May 20, 2015

Please contact Julie Joinson, Admissions Director at or 619 280 8016 x305.  

Please include your child's name and exact birthdate.



Step Two – Submit an Application-Form

Placement is ongoing year-round on a space-available basis and is subsequent to a family interview and teacher acceptance.  Applications are accepted up to one year in advance.  The application fee is $150 per student.  In the event that your child is waitlisted, your non-refundable application fee will remain effective for one additional year.  (Steps #1and #2 can be reversed.)




Early Childhood 
Our Nursery class size is usually limited to twelve children, ages 2.9 – 4 years old.  We have three mixed age Kindergarten classes serving children ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 (two classes for the older children and one serving the younger age group).  Kindergarten classes are usually limited to twenty-two students.  There is always a teacher and assistant present in each class.  In our Early Childhood classes we strive for a healthy balance of ages making it possible that although we may have an opening in a class, there may not be an opening for your child’s age.

Grades 1-12:
Most grades 1-8 have a class teacher and an assistant, and are usually considered full at thirty students.  Children have to be six by May 1 in order to be considered for Grade 1.  Grades 9-12 have several teachers according to specialty, and classes are considered full at 25 students. 

Step Three – Admissions Interview 

An in-depth meeting with the appropriate Grades teacher or Early Childhood teachers is mandatory prior to enrollment.  The focus of this time with your family is to ensure that the “fit” between your child and our school will be an enriching and fruitful one.  For most Grades applicants, a school visit of one to five days may be required to assist in determining compatibility between the student and the class, and will take place at the discretion of the class teacher. 

Step Four - Registration

Upon teacher acceptance, you will receive registration instructions.

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